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Prerequisites...selecting an institution

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I have a bachelors degree with no sciences taken during it.


As a post bacc student:


Community college is more affordable, has greater flexibility in class times, and provides more available seats in courses that a state or four year university would fill to degree granting/ full time students first. For these reasons, I either forced to take some courses at community or I have the option, am more apt to take a majority of courses at community.


So far this semester I have chosen to split it and demonstrate my ability to excel at either institution. I am taking bio at community and chem at a very reputable four year (maintaining 4.0). If I complete my prerequisites with a majority taken at community and about 3 classes at a four year in addition to 1-2 upper levels at a four year, do you feel that wold be suitable for admissions or would I be a more competitive applicant taking completing all prerequisites at a four year?


You insight is appreciated!

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