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Grad Plus Student Loans for living expenses

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Hey fellow PA students & PAs!! 

Currently trying to figure out how much extra Grad Plus Loan money to take out for living expenses! I tried to calculate how much I predict to spend in a month, but it's hard to know forsure expenses because I'm moving from Illinois to Iowa. Some major expenses I'm including in living expenses are rent, utilities, food, car insurance, gas, phone bill, health insurance. I calculated I would probably need about $2,500 per month in living expenses. 

If you don't mind sharing, how much did extra did you take out for living expenses? 

Any input would be much appreciated!!:)

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1 minute ago, Sunnyn said:

Great post! Also, do you know how to factor in for one's family expenses? How do we ask for that? And how much is allowed?


I think you can include your family's expenses in your living expenses & just take out that amount in Grad Plus Loans? 

I'm a little lost on how to ask for the amount too! I think we just ask our school's financial aid office? 

Can someone confirm this!? 


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