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Revised PS, Please Critique as harshlessly as necessary

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Observation and knowledge based intuition is crucial in the medical field. I have learned this working as a Direct Support Professional, Veterinary Assistant and ER technician. Personally, I have also witnessed the significance of immediate action.


A patient who suffered from a seizure disorder had specific pre-ictal signs. Being aware of these signs aided us in preventing injury by allowing us to assist her to a safe place prior to the loss of muscle control. It was working with her and other patients having mental and physical disabilities that sparked my interest in the medical field. Many of these people had communication barriers, thus keen observation and thorough personal care were essential in getting them the medical and psychological help that they needed. Patience and compassion are additional attributes that have helped me to assist others to the best of my ability.


In order to become financially stable to embark on furthering my education, I began working as a veterinary assistant. This job allowed me not only the financial ability and flexibility to attend school, but enabled me to directly participate in exams, medical procedures, diagnostics and surgeries. Animals, like those with communication barriers, cannot explain what is wrong. Hands-on evaluation and observation is essential to ruling out and determining the source of the disorder. Due to minimal insurance coverage, money is often a concern for many pet owners, so being able to prioritize what diagnostics are necessary and what treatment options are possible to best treat the patient is important. A benefit of working at the veterinary practice is seeing the patient from the moment they present with symptoms through the exam, diagnostics and medical/surgical procedures. I have developed an understanding of the process of patient care and the value of each team member in that process.


To gain more direct patient care experience I became a C.N.A. and am now working as an ER technician. The ER sees an array of conditions and demands sharp, acute attention to detail in addition to being able to react quickly. When asked to clean and apply a treatment to a patient with a rash upon the leg I examined the area and asked the patient to further remove their clothing. I suspected that the rash went beyond the visible area. As suspected, the rash not only encompassed the leg, but the abdominal and groin region. The patient was pleased with my gentle care as reported to the attending RN. I learned that being thorough and compassionate greatly affects not only the depth of care, but the perception of the care given.


Personally, I witnessed the importance of observation last August when I noticed one day that my father was having more difficulty breathing than usual. He was also experiencing diaphoresis and nausea and then vomited. My family thought he was having another episode due to his COPD due to the extreme heat and humidity, but I was fearful of a myocardial infarction. EMS transported him to the ER, where he passed away. I suspect that Cor Pulmonale may have pre-empted the heart attack because he not only suffered from COPD, but emphysema, high blood pressure and diabetes. Throughout the event I maintained my composure. I was able to put aside my emotions and be the calm presence that my father needed until he passed and the rock that my family needed during tragedy.


That day I learned that I am able to assess a medical emergency and even during a personal loss exhibit the strength and resilience to carry on. Seven family members and friends passed away that year. Amidst all of the loss and sorrow, I managed to maintain my job and excellent grades at school. Becoming a Physician Assistant and being able to save and improve people’s lives has such a great purpose that my drive to succeed is steadfast even during the most trying times. Had I had such a sense of purpose during my undergrad of Communications Studies at Framingham State College I’m sure I would have excelled as I have in recent years.


It is with great ambition, the passion to continue learning and the idealistic perspective that all people deserve good care that I submit myself as a candidate to your program. A long journey with a multitude of various experiences has continued to prove that becoming a Physician Assistant is where I will be able to shine as practitioner and as a person.

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