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New grad-Potential job advice (independent contract, dermatology)

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Hi all! I'm in the process of applying to jobs fresh out of school for a new job in dermatology. I'm new to all of this and need help deciding if a new grad should go straight into an independent contract (1099)? I haven't gotten any job offers yet or any range in potential salaries but this is what has been shared with me on the phone today by each of the hiring managers that have been interested in me:

Derm Job 1: - 5 star rating doctor (on google) who will be training me

                     - 3-6 month training period

                     - Big on patient care > # of patients you see; they stated they do a higher base salary and less on % commissions because        they want you to focus on quality of patient care over quantity

                     - Benefits include health 100%, life, dental, vision, matching 401 K

                    - full-time

                    - wants to do a meet & greet a month from today where I would shadow some of the providers and get a feel for the practice

Derm Job 2: - Has 1 doctor and 3 NP's, has never hired a PA; will be hiring another MD and looking to hire multiple mid-lvl providers

                     - 1099 employee but the practice will provide PTO, compensation for conferences, CMEs, and will pay 50% health

                     - Bonus pay based on overall revenue of practice, not individual

                     - 8 weeks of training

                     - full-time

                     - will get back to me this week about an unperson interview

Now my question is should a new grad consider going into a 1099 contract? Having to pay 15% taxes on my own and also figure out benefits by myself seems like a lot for a new grad. I don't have a spouse's health insurance to rely on either. Other than being a medical assistant, I have never held a full time salary position in my life. I would like to also add that when I talked on the phone for the 2nd job, the NP was the main person talking to me about the position and stated that the doctor was burnt out seeing 60 patients a day and was in need of NPs/PAs because he was expanding the # of offices. The NP had also been asked by the doctor to ask me if I was able to eventually independently work at the clinic on my own or did he have to physically be there? I don't know if I am overthinking it but got a little worried if I am being considered because of them desperately needing help? Would I get proper training if his schedule is overloaded as is? I didn't know if 8 weeks is the usual amount of time you give new grad derm PAs for training? The NP had also stated they just hired another new grad NP that's starting in 3 days and would be training under the same doctor I would be. My passion is dermatology and I know getting a dermatology job fresh out of school is challenging, so I didn't want to give up on the 2nd job without some advice.  The hard part out of all of this is that the 1st job probably will not give me an offer until a month from now at the meet & greet if they do end up liking me while the 2nd job is desperate to fill the position and states they are looking for someone to start within 30 days. I know it is hard without knowing any salary numbers or being given an exact offer but any input would be appreciated!

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I would ask to talk to the other NPs in the practice to get to know them and get a feel for how much derm experience they have and how invested they would be in helping to train you. Ask if there is a plan for the 8 week training period. Ask how their training was like. Ask to shadow the practice.

I don't have a good answer on the 1099 thing. I'm new to this as well.

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