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If anyone else is looking at this-- it's not too hard to find a job in Pittsburgh or a nearby suburb, but I agree with the peanut comment.

The main employer here offers an average of $32/hr for a starting PA. Private docs are few and far between. I lucked out and got a job at $39/hr (about 80k) which is the most of any classmates that I've heard of in the area.

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It seems to be a pretty bad place for PA practice. The wages are abysmal, especially considering the monopoly a certain system has. PAs in their system are sometimes making in the 50-60k a year range. And with the market saturation more often than not they don't seem to have very wide scopes of practice. On clinicals so far I've met an alarming number of PAs who pretty much function as RNs, and even one or two who are essentially glorified secretaries for their MDs. Certainly not suggesting all PAs have it so bad in the city, but I certainly have no intention of working there.


All that being said it's a great place for education.

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I love this city and vehemently declared I would not leave. It seems I am leaving.


It is a great place if you want to make $30/hr working in a surgical subspecialty entering the residents' orders. (Nothing against residents; just the reality of working in a massive teaching hospital system.)


Sad. There are so many good restaurants in Pittsburgh.

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I am currently a first year PA student at Arcadia University in Philadelphia.

Originally from Pittsburgh, I am interested in going home for a rotation or two

at the end of my clinical year (~Dec-June, 2014). I am a very hard worker, would

bring positive energy and am fascinated by all types of medicine. If you are

interested in teaching, just let me know and we can see if it would work out.


Thank you!


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