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PS Final Draft - What do you think?

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(Its only 500 words because the school I'm applying to wants it that way.)

Sometimes life places people in your path that are destined to make an impact—to change the very course of your future. While studying to be a Respiratory Therapist, one of my instructors, Mr. Drayton Odom proved to be such a person. After acknowledging my intense desire to learn and my naturally inquisitive personality, he pulled me aside after class and asked about my long term goals. When he suggested I consider a career as a Physician’s Assistant, something inside me clicked. "There is a need for people like you," he told me. Mr. Odom’s trust and confidence in my ability gave me the push that I needed. With his encouragement, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

The hospital where I am now employed as a Respiratory Therapist serves a large, rural area. The population that our hospital serves is varied, including many that are less fortunate. Often, my role as a respiratory therapist requires me to interact with the patients that are suffering the most. As I interact with and learn from the emergency room physicians that provide care for these patients, I have witnessed firsthand what can be done to improve their health. I know what it feels like to be a part of a team—to work with others to care for patients and help them along their road to recovery.

I can recall one particular patient that presented with worsening dsypnea and hypoxia. Upon inspection of her intake, output, auscultation and vital signs, it was apparent she was going into fluid overload. I informed the RN of my observations, which were then communicated to the patient’s doctor. Her IV fluids were reduced and diuretics ordered and I placed the patient on a Non-Invasive Ventilator to help relive her dyspnea. We were able to avoid intubation and she was able to be weaned from the Non-Invasive Ventilator that night as her vital signs reached safe parameters. It was tremendously fulfilling to be a trusted team player and contribute to the care and comfort of a patient.

It was fulfilling, but it isn’t enough. My job gives me ample opportunity to work with PA’s throughout the hospital. I am always impressed with their knowledge and attention to the detailed care of their patients. As I watch them work, I realize that while I enjoy my role as a respiratory therapist, I have the potential, the aptitude and ability to do more.

My job has exposed to me many different aspects of healthcare, from the initial point of care in the emergency room, to critical care units and surgery floors. The one consistency to my varied experiences is the fulfillment that comes from witnessing people regain their health. I consider this the finest aspect of my field. Becoming a Physician’s Assistant will better enable me to care for my patients and be involved on a more personal level as I work to help those people in my community achieve better health.


Thanks for the read!

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