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Investigated for Sexual Assault while in the NAVY.

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I was investigated for a plethora of heinous acts while serving as a Navy Corpsman, including sexual assault and stalking. To be clear, I was never convicted of these, but they show up on my FBI background check because the investigation involved NCIS. Now that I am about to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, I am looking to continue my medical career by becoming a Physician's Assistant. I cannot find information regarding accusations of these types of crimes being automatic rejections into the profession / school. Obviously, I understand the significance of such items being on my background report because they throw up a major RED Flag. Is there any resource, or does anyone have any suggestions on if I can become a PA?

Thank you! 

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First, the profession's name (currently lol) is physician assistant.  There is no 's on physician.  

Second, street smarts would make me think this can't be held against you as you were not convicted of anything.  Were you even formerly charged of anything or was this just an investigation? I'm surprised this shows up on a background check, but am not familiar with NCIS.  When an background check is done there is a reason code used.  That reason code does have an effect on what details are actually released.  So, this may not even show up on an FBI report released for licensure purposes.  Should it show up, then one would have to think if the person seeing it will convict you just for the accusation alone.  To my knowledge, no individual can just go check their FBI background report.  There has to be a law requiring the check to be done (such as applying for a PA license).  So, it isn't something you can just go check out.  

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