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Greatest Weakness : Shyness?

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Hello, I was wondering how I would go about an interview question if they were to ask what my greatest weakness is but mine specifically is being shy? or an introvert? I know its not a great quality to have but I cant think of any other genuine weakness that I have. I have been overcoming it and am getting there but I don't know how to go about answering it if they were to ever ask me that. I would also say that I am very empathetic but my shyness holds me back from expressing them properly. 

So far I've: done 2 interviews for volunteering (about to be 3). I am usually the leader of any group projects that I've been in (school wise), 

^ I know that isnt a lot but they have tremendously helped me improve myself in shyness. 

Or should I just not say that I am shy if they ask that question and think of another weakness?

also is being an introvert a bad thing in the medical field? 

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A lot of people who are effective communicating with others tell people that they are actually introverts (probably a better description than "shy"). They just recognize it and stretch themselves to communicate effectively.

Being an introvert is not a bad thing. It can help you assess your own performance, concentrate on cognitive tasks, and maintain some inner balance. Being in medicine is a people job so, recognizing your tendency to be introverted is important so that you work effectively with your patients.

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Thank you for your reply! I am not as hesitant to answer "introvert" (instead of shy) when asked "what is your weakness". I now understand that being an introvert doesn't necessarily mean that I will be bad in the medical field and see that there are some positive aspects to it. However, I do understand now that I have to work on effectively communicating with others more as this field is a people job. 

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I usually say my shyness/introvertedness has been a weakness that I have been able to turn into a strength. For example, as an EMT it allows me to step back and be more observant of what is going on around me, which has been a plus for both the patients and my partners. The interviewers seemed to accept it. 

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