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Made a mistake

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So, in my undergrad I took A&P 1 and received a BC (my school did grading scales weird). Anyway after that I was chosen to be an anatomy TA and tutor. Some of the schools I want to apply to want a B in all prerequisite work so I started by taking anatomy after I graduated undergrad to try and get an A to avg that prerequisite to a B. I am also taking microbiology for the first time. I honestly expected it to be a piece of cake, I also have been working on the frontlines so it became very difficult for me to balance. And quite honestly, the class was waaaay harder then I could ever have anticipated, I knew I could not give it the time it needed to receive the A and I should've dropped, but I didnt. I am going to receive a B in microbiology but now will probably receive a C in anatomy, which is WORSE than what I had before. Obviously this pandemic has been hard on everyone but I really think working on the frontlines has just mentally taken me away from this class. I dont know what to do I feel like this is going to blow my shot at PA school. Since I was literally a tutor and am now doing worse in the course. I decided instead of trying to fix all the classes I have already taken im going to get my masters in genomics which starts in march. Do we think if I can do really well in masters course work I will be able to put this massive mistake behind me??

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I would show your strength in the master's program and it might pursue the admission you are a strong candidate. Unfortunately, some schools will require your core requirements to be higher. So you might need to retake your A&P in the future. Just focus on your time management and discipline in your future courses. Good luck! 

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