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Not sure where to start

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Hi everyone. I'm pre-PA and have a longggg way to go. And I'm not sure what order I should complete everything!


Things I need to do:

1. CNA or EMT certified (4weeks or 6 months)

2. Work ~2000 hrs (1 yr fulltime or 2 yr part time)

3. Prereqs (~2 semesters)

4. Finish degree (~3 semesters)

5. GRE (study 3 months?)


What are your thoughts???

At first I was thinking 3, 1, 2+4, 5

but then i was thinking

1, 3, 2+4, 5

but I'm not so sure.

What do you think?? Do you think I should just try to do multiple things at the same time? Thanks!

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I got my CNA during summer while taking classes for my degree online and now I am working as a CNA and still taking classes for my degree. You can do them all together if you know how to plan your time well. You could do the same with an EMT course. It doesn't need to be a step by step process unless you think you may overwhelm yourself. If the schools you want to go to require HCE then I definitely think you should consider starting to get some.

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Are there any summer EMT or CNA classes in your area? If you're not taking summer classes right now, then you might be able to do a training/certification program that meets daily instead of weekly before the fall semester starts.


If your school doesn't offer EMT or CNA classes, maybe a local community college offers them. Depending on your school's policies, you might be able to use that community college credit toward your graduation requirements as well.


I agree with alysha above: After you get certified -- if you can handle it w/out jeopardizing your grades (or your sanity), you could try working part-time while finishing up college.


Good luck!

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