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UWorld and Studying for PANCE/EOR

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Hi everyone!

I am a recent PA graduate that is currently 2 weeks away from taking the PANCE. I wanted to share my experience with a new PA Question Bank with UWorld that I started using 1 1/2 months ago to study for the End of Curriculum exam and the PANCE. After seeing the impact it has really made on my studying, I just want to let everyone know about it because I don't want anyone to miss out on this very valuable study tool. Prior to this, I was using a different platform, which helped me a ton with my EORs, but UWorld has been a wonderful supplement and addition to my studying. Their questions are challenging, void of any "buzz words" so they really make you think! The lack of "buzz words" is very important now that the PANCE has removed the use of obvious buzz words in their questions. The difficulty and complexity of the questions made me retain the information much more effectively. Therefore, I feel that UWorld has really prepared me for the PANCE. I recently took the End of Curriculum exam, which is used to determine a PA graduate's competence at the end of their clinical year. The exam is through the PAEA, which is the same organization that writes the End of Rotation exams, and the questions are similar to what is expected on the PANCE. After using UWorld to prepare for the End of Curriculum exam, I felt that I was well-prepared for the exam and was able to fall in the National Average range with my score.  I will continue to use UWorld for my last 2 weeks of studying for the PANCE. 

What features do I like about UWorld?

The App and Website have so many useful features that I haven't seen in other QBanks. They have a highlighting feature which I found very useful to dissect their lengthy and detailed vignettes. They also have a cross out feature that allows you to use the process of elimination to answer your questions. The last feature that I found useful is that they have a built in flashcard feature that allows you to highlight certain phrases, words, charts, or pictures and place them on a flashcard to reference later on! That's definitely a feature I have never seen before and was very excited to see! 

All in all, this is a very valuable study tool that all PA students should add to their list of resources! They offer a free trial so that you can see if this is the resource for you! I highly recommend it for your EORs, End of Curriculum, and PANCE studying. 

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