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Documenting PCE and Volunteer hours

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I took a look around and didn't see this question answered anywhere. Is there any official or "best" way to track and document volunteer hours? Will CASPA be asking for contact info for volunteer supervisors and proof of hours that I would need a hardcopy of? Also for PCE, what type of documentation of PCE is required or recommended? TIA!

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I would advise just keeping a spreadsheet or some kind of document on your computer to keep track of volunteer hours so that you can give an accurate number.  CASPA doesn't ask for proof of those that I remember.  Your volunteer supervisor should be able to sign a sheet with your hours on it that you can file away just in case.

For PCE, if you're employed somewhere and getting paid, your pay stub will have the number of hours on it that you worked for that pay period.  Keep track of those hours and file away the receipts (either paper or digital).  Same as above, I don't think CASPA ever asks for documentation, but you do want to be accurate and not just guess.

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