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HELP PLEASE!! I need to find pa shadowing

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I have been looking to shadow a PA for years now. I really need help to find one. Can someone please assist me. My email is cfmoreno2@gmail.com This is the only requirement that I'm missing to finish my application for the year 2020/21. I am willing to drive to the Broward area and Miami area. Thanks for the assistance. 

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Many PAs (their employers/hospitals) will not allow you to shadow during this pandemic. There are virtual shadowing opportunities available, you might want to look into that.

I would say 20 hours is a good amount of shadowing. Some schools don't even require it so you might want to apply to those ones.

This was how I secured shadowing opportunities. Please note that this was before the pandemic and that this method will very likely not work at this time. I looked at the hospital systems in my area and tried to find as many names of the PAs as I could. Then, I figured out the email format of the hospital system or medical office (Their websites almost always list an email or two for a supervisor or director somewhere). Usually the format I found was something like firstname.lastname@schoolname.med.edu or something like that, and I would just email all the PAs I could find. The response rate, for me at least, was very low but I still managed to shadow a couple PAs using this method. A better method I've heard but didn't use myself was looking up PAs on linkedin and contacting them through there.

Good luck, hope this helped!

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