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UWorld to study for EORs

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Hi everybody, just wanted to write in today to discuss my experience with using UWorld to help me study for my general surgery EOR. I was introduced to this QBank by a fellow classmate of mine who sent me a free 30-day access code. The question bank is extremely helpful - it allows you to break down questions based on specialty and then is further broken down based on topic. I found it best to do one topic at a time and take the exam not in tutor mode, as this allows you to review your answers at the end rather than after each question. The questions themselves were very adequate and I found them to be at the same level, if not slightly more difficult than the questions on my EOR. The level of thinking and the depth of each explanation really prepared me for my EOR and I ended up doing better than expected.

I also use Rosh Review, but I felt these questions are very simple first and second order questions, which does not really prepare you for the EOR. UWorld has a much higher quality of questions and covers more topics. 

I look forward to continuing to use UWorld for my future EORs and in the future when I take my PANCE. They are constantly offering free offer codes as well for anyone who is interested. I highly recommend this question bank.

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I also want to add that UWorld is the best source for studying PANCE exam. Questions are not easy compare to Rosh Review and each answer has its own explanation. you can make  your own flash cards  and review those later .  I would really recommend UWorld. They also offering free offer code .

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