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Pregnant during didactic

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I was previously waitlisted and was pulled off the waitlist a month ago! Well.. I just found out that I am pregnant and will be due sometime in March (during my didactic year). Although not ideal timing, I am very committed to becoming a PA and plan on continuing to enter in the program and do everything in my power to ensure I do not fall behind. My question is: when do I need to inform my program of my pregnancy?  I would prefer to wait until the program has started and I can prove my ability to succeed and at least after my first trimester. BUT I also realize that I will need some accommodation to take some time off after the baby is born. I also do not want to appear withholding or dishonest to my program by waiting too long. thank you for any responses/thoughts. Sorry for any typos/errors writing on my phone. 

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It's completely up to you, but the sooner you let them know, the more time they will have to try to develop a plan. They will want to know what your intentions are - take minimal time off and stay on schedule, take a leave and delay graduation, etc. You will want to think about contingencies for if you deliver early or late, or need a c-section. If you do gross anatomy, you need to think about being around chemical fumes all day - possibly not a good idea especially in early pregnancy. . 

We have had a number of students have children during both didactics and clinicals. Some stayed on schedule, some took a leave and graduated late. Your program probably has a policy related to how many days you can miss before you need to formally be on a leave of absence. 

Your support system here will make or break you. If you do not feel like you have a rock solid support system, you'll hate to hear this but you might want to see if they would defer your admission for a year so you can get things lined up and have some time to enjoy being a new parent. 

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