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Hi everyone.  I'm going to be starting PA school next fall, and am currently on the hunt for scholarships and such to help with my future student loans (~40k for tuition, ~16k for rent/living).  I'm interested in the NC FELS program, which is a loan forgiveness program requiring you to practice in NC for 2 years in exchange for up to $20k of loan forgiveness (8% interest on loans).  I am from northeast NC, going to school at East Carolina, and would like to stay in NC or VA after school.  I have been playing around with the idea of potentially practicing in VA after graduation, as there are a ton of PA jobs up there and it is closer to family and such vs. middle/western NC.  


Saying all that to say this..... would it be worth it to do the FELS program (apply for it now and be limited to NC) or hope to get a high-paying job after graduation?  I don't know yet if I want to do primary/general care or specialize, so I know salaries can vary greatly. Alos, not sure if PA's on a whole get paid more in NC or VA.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

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