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UND Class of 2022

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Hi Krista!

Someone has created a Facebook page, but I haven't been accepted after requesting it about a week ago.  Where are you from/what's your background?  I've been a collegiate athletic trainer for the past five years and am currently living in Bemidji, Minnesota.  

Nice to meet a newbie!


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Hey Heather!

I can't find the Facebook page. No big deal, we will figure it out eventually.

I am currently living in Litchville, ND (very small). I applied entry 2. I graduated from the University of Jamestown in 2017 and have been working in a small rural clinic since.


Let me know if you get accepted into this Facebook page.

Thanks for reaching out to me!

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Hey guys! I’ll be with you in May! I couldn’t find the Facebook page either...do either of you have the name of it? 
I’m an entry 1 out of Fairbanks, AK and have been working in the cath lab for 15 years now and also hold an MPH degree.

looking forward to meeting you all!


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Hello to all!

This is Hugh from Virginia and am an entry 1 student also. Interviewed on 10/14 and am a soon to be ‘retired’ flight paramedic.  I have been in contact w two other of our classmates from this forum.  

I look forward to meeting you all and getting things underway. 

Talk soon! 


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Hey guys! My name is Lizzie. I live in Fargo, ND. Entry point 2. I graduated from NDSU.  I worked as a CNA throughout college and have currently been working as a medical lab scientist for a year and a half.

I tried requesting into that Facebook group, but have not received a response yet.

May will be here before we know it! 🙂 

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