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Non-Traditional Applicant - Your Journey

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I'll go.....

Been wanting to work within healthcare for darn near all my life and for various reasons I've gotten close (EMT, CNA, ER Tech, and ER Scribe), volunteered, and shadowed.  My biggest reason why I haven't pursued my dream of becoming a PA was well...me.  Procrastination, thinking how could I ever make up for the stupid academic poor performance from over 15+ years ago.  I would start pre-reqs and not finish or finish poorly due to lack of study habits and well..working.  Not being fully focused to this career goal has cost me money and years.

I'm 40 and just decided I'm going to give this one more try.  I have a lot to make up in terms of GPA repair and getting recent healthcare experience. So I've started a post-bac program that's healthcare focused for PA programs and I'm on track to complete Summer 2020.

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