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Responsiveness to Recruiters

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Hey everyone

From your own perspective, which of the two would you choose to respond to "more" or respond favorably to, the head hunter of a placement agency or the hr-recruitment of the clinic/organization?

PS: this is not a job post, this is just related to a discussion I had¬†with my manager.¬†ūüėĎ

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I would say the HR of the clinic, but they both have pros and cons.

Clinic HR: They know exactly what the clinic is looking for so less likely to be a waste of time. Will have more knowledge about the position, company culture, benefits package, etc. Has more power than the head hunter. Doesn't cost the clinic extra money (they usually pay a head hunter a few grand) so you may be more likely to get signing bonus.

Head hunter: Wants to find someone to fill the position to get paid so they will fight for you to get the position and can let them know upfront what pay you are looking for so the clinic is aware (these are good if you are generally timid/shy).

In the end, some places use their own HR exclusively and some places use only head hunters, so really you'll have to talk to both at some point or you risk missing out on a good opportunity.

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