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Re-Taking A&P issues

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Hey everyone!

I am a Canadian pre-PA student who is going for applications in the next cycle.I received by Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and had to take A&P obviously. The problem is that this was in 2010, making it 10 years old and probably outdated. The only issue I have is that I am in as a unclassified student and want to take Org Chem, but they coincide with each other (by one friggin hour as they only clash one day for an hour of the week!). Things that I have thought about:

1) I never took first-year biology, so would that potential suffice as a means of getting myself back into a good reputation of getting myself 'updated', or does A&P HAVE to be an end-all? (I got a solid B and B+ in each semester).

2) I have taken classes like Pathophysiology and Exercise Physiology (B+ in the first, but D in the second... Class average was 65% and it was required to graduate!). How much weight would those be considered in my application if I were to retake them?

3) Part of my hours counting towards my application was that I was an ex-nursing student and have taken other Pathophysiology and Pharmacology courses that I passed in (didn't make it last semester before graduating because I was forcibly kicked out of my house mid-semester and was homeless for a couple of weeks along with a breakup). One of them was Microbiology (B+)(didn't need first-year bio as we needed A&P pre-req). Would that have any weight on being able to 'push' past course- pre-req's so I could take something like Genetics?

Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello, I think the only one that can answer that question is the school you’re applying to. Every school is different as to what they require or willing to substitute for that requirement. Like I said, every school is different and I would go to the source to be 100% sure. Good luck! [emoji256]

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