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Transplant & New Grad Looking to Build Network

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I'm a recent graduate, fully licensed PA.  I graduated from USF in Florida, but have moved here as my fiance is from here and has also gotten into Harvard grad.  I am having an extremely hard time finding a position (or even getting offered an interview) despite applying to over 75 jobs and despite doing very well in PA (graduated with honors at the top of my class).  I am not being picky and am applying to all positions in the Boston area and outside of it, even considering nearby states, but have not had any interviews. I have a few connections through my fiance but nothing has panned out with these positions either as they are not hiring or went with another person before I arrived in Boston.  

How can I make connections with those in the area so my resume can get recognized?  What is the way in?  Do I need to work in a hospital first as a scribe? Are there local PA social groups I can join?  Should I be walking into hospitals with my resume?  I feel I must be doing something wrong if it is this difficult to get a position.  Any help is much appreciated.

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Boston area has a lot of healthcare places, but now also a lot of PA schools. If you don't have local connections or past experience as a PA of course that makes it more difficult.

I don't have any magic advice for you - applying to places further away will be easier (Providence RI area, Manchester NH area, Worcester area). Indeed.com, doc cafe, and the MAPA (Mass Assn of PA's) websites have a fair number of listings. Also go to the hospital websites directly and look at their listings. If you are interested in outpatient you could walk into clinics and leave your resume.

Good luck! and keep persisting, you will find something.

I presume you already have an MA license and a local address..


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Thanks for the response, Charlotte.  I haven't done the walk ins yet but sounds like if there is potential in that then I should get on it. I am open to commuting out of state, but my only qualm is that I do not have licenses yet in those states (NH, RI, CT), and wonder if it is worth my time to apply (ie will I be considered) if I don't have a license.  It would be pretty expensive for me to apply for their licenses upfront without a secure job prospect in the future. Thanks!

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