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  1. Thanks for the response, Charlotte. I haven't done the walk ins yet but sounds like if there is potential in that then I should get on it. I am open to commuting out of state, but my only qualm is that I do not have licenses yet in those states (NH, RI, CT), and wonder if it is worth my time to apply (ie will I be considered) if I don't have a license. It would be pretty expensive for me to apply for their licenses upfront without a secure job prospect in the future. Thanks!
  2. I'm a recent graduate, fully licensed PA. I graduated from USF in Florida, but have moved here as my fiance is from here and has also gotten into Harvard grad. I am having an extremely hard time finding a position (or even getting offered an interview) despite applying to over 75 jobs and despite doing very well in PA (graduated with honors at the top of my class). I am not being picky and am applying to all positions in the Boston area and outside of it, even considering nearby states, but have not had any interviews. I have a few connections through my fiance but nothing has panned out wi
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