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Supervision Requirement Problems

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Posted in general, but this may get more traffic and be more relevant here...


I am a physician assistant practicing in psychiatry. I was recently offered, and subsequently accepted a remote behavioral health position at my organization. In this role, I am working overnight placing admission orders ONLY (yes, it's a limited role) after talking to nursing staff and the intake team by conference call. Before putting in any orders, I will call the on call psychiatrist to clear me to give these orders. Sounds straightforward and incredibly simple, right?


Well, the Pennsylvania Medical Board denied my written agreement stating "not enough supervision." I am speaking with a psychiatrist by phone in regards to EVERY patient and am also required to see my supervising doc in person on a monthly basis, per my organization's requirements. Per the AMA and PSPA, there is absolutely NO REQUIREMENT for in-person supervision. The doc must simply be available by phone if he or I requests.


Why is the board denying? I feel like we've stepped back in time here... Now the board is continuing to deny until they meet in person at their next monthly pow-wow.


Just venting mostly, but also curious if anyone has advice.

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