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Private practice offer

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Background: New-ish grad with 6 months in a surgical specialty, base was $98K; didn't stay long enough for bonus. Left job due to toxic work environment and intensive call. Below is the first offer I've received:

Current offer: $95K base, with 2% of collections (quoted about $4-5K bonus). More with extra call.Type: Private practice, same surgical specialty. Clinic based with hospital rounding, no surgery, limited procedures.
Hours: Quoted roughly 40-45 hrs/week
Volume: 20-25 patients/day.
Call: 1 weekend a month with an MD. 3 hospitals.
Location: Large city metro area in the Southeast.
CME: $2500, 1 week.
PTO: 20 days, separate from holidays.
Commute: 15-20 min drive to clinic. Furthest hospital is 50 min.
Additional: They're willing to train me, understanding my limited skill set as a new grad. Autonomy will grow as I demonstrate competence.

Thoughts? Much appreciated!

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