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Military Spouse Getting Pregnant Before PA School

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Hello everyone, I have been accepted to a PA school in California and my husband is stationed in Texas. We were just surprised to find out that we are pregnant with our first child and I am due the second week of my didactic year. I have read all over about asking for deferment and people have told me “PA school isn’t going anywhere”. Our families are in California so I will have a ton of support whether I defer or not. But my husband will have to stay in Texas and only be able to visit ever other weekend making our situation a little different than the situations I have read about on the forum. Is this a terrible idea and will our family suffer for this? Or am I just overthinking it? I don’t want to give up on PA school because of this, but I’m heartbroken that our family will be apart. Just wondering if anyone had any insight about this. Thank you in advance!

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My husband and I are currently doing this now.  I applied to schools in places that we thought he had a chance of getting stationed at, or nearby.  Plans changed and now he is stationed about 6 hours away.  I chose to go to school near my family to help with our children, otherwise I wouldn't be able to handle the coursework.  Being apart is always tough, but its completely normal with a spouse in the military.  Just have the mentality that he is away training, and you'll find yourself less distracted or torn about the amount of time away.  The baby (congratulations!) would be the most difficult part of your situation and I recommend a call to your program to see about deferment or advice.

I wish you the best of luck!  

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