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  1. I had 5 different transcripts with a few classes split between them. I took chem 1 and 2 at different schools - I turned it into a positive by using it as a demonstration of how much I wanted to get into a program.
  2. My husband and I are currently doing this now. I applied to schools in places that we thought he had a chance of getting stationed at, or nearby. Plans changed and now he is stationed about 6 hours away. I chose to go to school near my family to help with our children, otherwise I wouldn't be able to handle the coursework. Being apart is always tough, but its completely normal with a spouse in the military. Just have the mentality that he is away training, and you'll find yourself less distracted or torn about the amount of time away. The baby (congratulations!) would be the most difficult part of your situation and I recommend a call to your program to see about deferment or advice. I wish you the best of luck!
  3. I'm doing this right now, but we've been married for 15 years. Since you've already been long distance and made it work it I think you'll be fine. And since your future husband just earned his PhD, he knows the rigors of study involved. Best wishes to you!
  4. I used my PT aide hours as PCE with no issues. It was a great experience to see such a broad range of patients.
  5. I omitted my MBA on my applications because it can cause it to immediately bounce back and during interviews I said I was a student trying to start a second career. I would contact the medical/nursing/PT/PA etc departments where you are getting your pre-reqs done. This is how a few classmates and myself found entry level jobs due to the department relationships with clinics and hospitals. I was a PT tech in an inpatient rehab and it was great experience.
  6. I think if you look on the facebook group there is a mention about a farmhouse that the Coudersport students rent. And the Harrisburg packet I was sent had a list of local places. I hope that helps!
  7. I'm a PT aide in a rehab hospital which required no certifications or training. At our hospital we have patient care techs and unit techs that are involved in all sorts of post injury/surgical cases and those jobs had 1 week of on the job training, no other certificates needed. You might want to look for those search terms in your area to see if that opens up more opportunities.
  8. I was accepted as well - so excited! I put Main campus and Harrisburg as my top two choices.
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