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Ortho contract for Personal Injury and Workmen'c compensation. Offer 90k per year, 100.00 per week travel, 20 days PTO, 1000k CME, 401 k without match after 6 months and health care after 3 months. Now here is where is gets crazy. 12 pages long. The highlights were one year obligation and afterward a 90 day notice to resign, if not I would have to pay the company 10k dollars. Also a compete clause for one year for any other practice within one mile of any of their offices. This is Maryland by the way. I had attorney review and they like me thought this was insane. What are your thoughts?

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Besides being a bad deal, full time personal injury and WC will suck the life out of you. Find a real ortho gig. We have roughly 20% WC patients at our practice and it's amazing the amount of paperwork, peer to peer calls to get anything done, and patients have a big reason not to get better.
I would imagine that every single time I knocked on a door to see the next patient I'd die a little doing personal injury and workers comp

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