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Question about practicing if going to school out of state

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I was just wondering what all would need to be done to practice in TX if you go to school out of state. I have been accepted to programs in and out of state:rolleyes: , and am wondering about the difference in being able to practice in TX when I'm done with PA school. I know the boards are national, but I guess I'm not sure if there is any test specific to working in TX if I go to my out of state school. Thanks for the help!

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Hi, I am a PA student currently. I will graduate August 2019 and I was planning on moving to texas after graduation.  I noticed that one of the requirements to qualify for a license in Texas is: 

  • Have practiced at least 20 hours a week for 40 weeks in one of the two years preceding application

My question is how are you supposed to have practiced (20 hrs/week for 40 weeks) without having a license? 

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From the TMB website: "All physician assistant applicants shall provide sufficient documentation to the board that the applicant has, on a full-time basis, actively practiced as a physician assistant, has been a student at an acceptable approved physician assistant program or has been on the active teaching faculty of an acceptable approved physician assistant program, within either of the last two years preceding receipt of an application for licensure. The term "full-time basis," for purposes of this section, shall mean at least 20 hours per week for 40 weeks duration during a given year."

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