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  1. I submitted an application for an advertised position and then went in for a video interview. The company that recruits is called On Time Talent Solutions, look them up and see if they’re interviewing in your area.
  2. I have been contacted by a recruiting firm for a telehealth job. So far, I don’t know any further details regarding the work. I have an interview in a week. I’m a new grad and since I don’t know anyone who works in this modality, I thought I’d ask... what do you guys know about telehealth? What are your thoughts about it, especially for a new grad? Thank you!
  3. From the TMB website: "All physician assistant applicants shall provide sufficient documentation to the board that the applicant has, on a full-time basis, actively practiced as a physician assistant, has been a student at an acceptable approved physician assistant program or has been on the active teaching faculty of an acceptable approved physician assistant program, within either of the last two years preceding receipt of an application for licensure. The term "full-time basis," for purposes of this section, shall mean at least 20 hours per week for 40 weeks duration during a given year."
  4. I am a former medical researcher (PhD) who is transitioning into PA for the opposite reasons. I too love the analytical nature of research and am a natural problem-solver, but it was very lonely. Furthermore, the overwhelming delayed gratification inherent in the tedium of research was, ultimately, unsatisfying. I did Parkinson's research. I found I wanted to work with people and see patients. As a researcher, I started to realize that I could spend an entire career contributing to the pool of knowledge (good), but never actually receiving any personal fulfillment from my perspective (bad). Also, for what it's worth, the schooling is longer to become a researcher. And even though one can be quite independent as a primary investigator, the bureaucracy is just as ever-present and it would be more accurate to say that 'researcher' means part-time researcher, full-time grant writer/money finder. On a final note, only the top very-small-percentage of researchers make even as much as an average PA.
  5. Hello again everyone! I interviewed Jan 22, 2016 and waitlisted a few days later. I just received an acceptance letter/email on March 1st... so about 5 weeks of waiting. I will be at the Miami Shores campus. Stay hopeful and positive! Best of luck to everyone!
  6. Hello all! I interviewed at the Miami campus on January 22. I was notified I was on the Wait List on the next Tuesday. I remain the same as of February 4th. Good luck to everyone! Will update if I hear anything.
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