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Ortho vs IR

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Depends on what your goals are. My second gig is IR. I function very similarly to my SP with minimal oversight. Interesting procedures, patient's are very appreciative of the care. Pros - autonomy, interesting procedures, day's go quickly. Cons - none come to mind. IR is a sweet gig for a PA if properly trained.



Ortho can be hit or miss. Some surgeons have you first-assisting and doing cool-guy stuff. Others merely have you closing, doing discharge orders and working the clinic. Pros - mostly healthy patients, interesting surgeries. Cons - potential for call, surgeons with god-complexes, pain management patients can be a pain in the ass

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16 hours ago, JWB77 said:

How do you feel about the amount of radiation you are exposed to as part of the job?

A good point. Although a combination of using lead protective equipment and ALARA when using imaging helps to significantly decrease the risk. Flight attendants are exposed to more frequent doses of radiation than the C-Arm used in my procedure suite.


That said, my pay is higher in IR than my main job so the risk comes with increased compensation. I'll report back if I start to glow green.

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