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  1. I am in the process of setting up my clinical electives with an ER focus when my clinical director asked me today if I would be interested in urgent care. Apparently, the big UC company in my area is looking for students to do a clinical rotation with them with the intention of training them and hiring them after graduation. From what I have heard, they are a good company and compensate their PAs very well. I have always leaned toward the ER because I like the fast pace, variety, and doing more procedures, but a good ER job for a new grad in my area is harder to come by. I know with most jobs you can only get 2 of the 3 (specialty, pay, location), and residency is not an option. I think I would enjoy UC for a time while I’m still an over-eager new grad, but I know I would enjoy the ER more as a career. So here are my questions: A) I know UC jobs are generally nightmares for new grads, but would you recommend taking it knowing that you would have the last 6 weeks of your clinical year for essentially on the job training? B) Sacrifice one of my only two electives in the UC and essentially have a guaranteed job with pay and location, or do a more useful elective and take a gamble on an ER job (specialty, pay and location)? C) Would I still be able to get a job in the ER (small, low acuity) with having only UC experience later in my career? Thanks for the help.
  2. JWB77

    New Grad Offers

    Ok, that makes more sense. I still think the long-term ability to earn more money or even working fewer hours for roughly the same money would be worth it.
  3. JWB77

    New Grad Offers

    Actually, if you do the math your second offer has the ability to make a WHOLE lot more money depending on how many extra shifts you can pick up. Offer 1: you said you will work 40-50 hours, but just for the math lets go with 40hrs. That is 2080 hrs for the year (40hrs x 52 weeks) at 104k, maybe 109k. Offer 2: you work 144 hrs a month (12 12hr shifts) so that is 1728 hrs a year, for argument's sake let's say you can pick up as many shifts as you want and you want to reach the 2080 hr mark. 2080-1728 = 352 hrs (an extra 2.4 shifts a month). And if you really get paid at $120/hr (which is ridiculous btw) that would be $42,240 on top of the 104k. Unless you really want a career in the OR and need the first assist experience for further jobs, I would take the second offer hands down. Even picking up one extra shift a month is an extra $17,280. And, double check the $120/hr bc that is unheard of.
  4. JWB77

    Ortho vs IR

    How do you feel about the amount of radiation you are exposed to as part of the job?
  5. JWB77

    New PA Laws in Missouri

    Got some good news from MOAPA. Two new bills just got passed. S.B. 660 amends the definition of “mental health professional” to include psychiatric PAs, defined as licensed PAs with at least two years of experience practicing in psychiatry or PAs who have completed a postgraduate residency or fellowship for PAs in psychiatry. The new definition will apply to provisions of law covering alcohol and drug treatment as well as comprehensive psychiatric services. S.B. 660 was signed on June 1 and becomes effective on August 28. S.B. 718, which was signed on July 6 and became effective immediately, makes changes related to PA supervision and practice, including:  Changing the physician to PA ratio from three PAs per physician to up to six combined PAs, NPs, and assistant physicians (APs);  Eliminating the statutory requirement that a PA practice within 50 miles of a supervising physician, instead allowing the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts to determine the geographic proximity requirement;  Adding certified community behavioral clinics and federally qualified health centers to a current exemption provided to rural health clinics which allows PAs practicing in these facilities to be subject to only the minimum federal supervision requirements;  Expanding prescriptive authority for PAs who have the federal waiver to prescribe buprenorphine for medication-assisted treatment of OUD by allowing them to prescribe this medication for up to 30 days at a time (formerly limited to a 5-day supply); and  Creating a new program for physicians, PAs, NPs, and APs who treat OUD (the Improved Access to Treatment for Opioid Addictions, or IATOA program) which is meant to increase the number of clinicians who receive the federal buprenorphine waiver and increase patient access to medication-assisted treatment. PAs participating in the IATOA program would be subject to fewer supervision requirements and be empowered to engage in community and law enforcement functions as appropriate. Still a little behind some other states, but we are making progress.
  6. Completely agree with the free resources and you should always be reading/studying on your own, but that's hard to put on a resume and convince an employer you know what you are doing. Beyond learning the skills and necessary knowledge, I think a lot of students look at a program like this as a resume booster. Like it has been stated in many other posts, new grads need to separate themselves from other PAs and NPs, and the best way to do that is a residency (completely agree). But, a residency is not an option for everyone, and it is good to know that a program like this is not a viable alternative.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. As they say, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I hope this post can at least be a warning for other naive students.
  8. So apparently Nova Southeastern University is starting an online emergency medicine certificate program as an alternative to doing a residency. The program is 1 year long, and the inaugural class will start this Fall. It is 18 credits and tuition costs $10,800. One full weekend of onsite training is required. https://osteopathic.nova.edu/certificates/emergency-medicine-certificate.html What do you guys think? Obviously not as good as a real residency, but does it get a new grad significantly closer to an ER job? Is there a place for online "residencies"?
  9. I just found this fellowship and it looks pretty great if you are interested in psychiatry. https://medicine.missouri.edu/departments/psychiatry/fellowship-program/physician-assistant-fellowship
  10. Has anyone completed the EM fellowship at U of Missouri and are you willing to share your experiences?
  11. JWB77

    What PA Recruiters @ SEMPA said about the CAQ

    How has your doctorate advanced your career or what doors has it opened that wouldn't have been otherwise? As always, thank you for your advice.
  12. JWB77

    Do RNs make more than PAs in Norcal?

    Labor stats for nurses - if those are averages, then ya some nurses are making way more than PAs and it looks like it's not only in CA https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes291141.htm
  13. Like Reality Check said, they have the WHOLE nursing lobby. That is another 2.7 million (2,906,840 total from BLS) nurses that back their efforts. I completely agree that cooperation would help us, but how would it benefit the nurses? They already have better laws and, from the looks of it, better pay.
  14. It just bothers me if he is actually taking out radio adds to bash PAs. Can anyone in AZ confirm this? And if he is, do we just ignore it?
  15. Ya I saw that, super weird. I found another gem from his website... Mid-levels (who are certified as nurse practitioners) are a separate entity from nurses altogether. Although they may have once been nurses, they have abandoned that noble calling, yet they have not fully committed themselves to their patients by pursuing a medical degree of D.O. or M.D. Whatever issues a nurse practitioner may raise are null if there is an attempt to pit Doctors against nurses. The Hospitalist's Union wholeheartedly advocates for nurses alongside Doctors. Wow...

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