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Questions for surgery PA's

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Am in the process of applying and interviewing for first job out of school, and am being offered a position in gen surg (goal was ER). To any PA's who work/have worked in surgery, particularly general surgery, what might a new graduate expect from a job in general surgery in terms of compensation, hours/call, expectations? If anyone went into surgery as a new grad, any resources to recommend? Also, what should I watch out for when the offer does come? I know it is important to discuss call, compensation for call, potential for salary raises with experience, etc.  Also of note, I'd be the first "mid-level" at this group, which could make the training process difficult but also open some potential down the road.

I'm not sold on 70 hour weeks, extensive call, poor pay per hour of actual work, etc.  I'm not sure if that's the case everywhere, but it seems to be common (at least among new grads).  Any input greatly appreciated!

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