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  1. Hey folks, I've been working in emergency medicine for about 1 year in a setting with a good mixture of high acuity and fastrack patients at a teaching institution. I've also worked during this time per diem at a low volume urgent care. While this has been an outstanding first job in terms of resume building and learning, it of course has the downside of wild hours, nights, weekends, holidays, etc. at a rather noncompetitive hourly rate/salary. I don't hate the job, but I also don't see myself doing emergency medicine forever. Or at least...not at this salary. For those who started i
  2. Now I just learned that you can leave the contract with 4 months (120 days of notice)...and you owe them $10,000 for "the cost of hiring another provider" if you do so. Is that reasonable!?!?
  3. Hey guys, Pretty sure you'll just confirm my suspicions, but I wanted to run details of a contract by you. Urgent Care position, 3 12's /4 12's alternating. Salary position with full benefits. I'm a new graduate, and the location is 2 provider, which is ideal for learning. But... 1) They want me to sign a 2 year contract 2) They won't let me keep my per-diem position/other positions while working there (non-compete) Those two items are highly irregular for the field, and something I should run away from, correct? I'd love to work for the organization, but not with those sti
  4. Thanks for the replies...they will be providing claims made and tail insurance. I won't be accepting a position which does not provide that at least!
  5. Hi all, I'm a new grad who thought I would be starting at an ER position which did not end up panning out for a few reasons beyond my control. However, I was offered a part time ("20-30 hours a week") job at a local urgent care, which I could at least start soon for some income. I'm still actively applying for ER positions...My question for those who have worked ER/UC is, how manageable was it for you to work full time 10's/12's in an ER and still work a few days a month in urgent care? Or should I also consider working part time/per diem in an ER in addition to part time UC job...this wo
  6. Awesome, thanks guys! I'm certainly looking into each suggestion. EM Boot camp seems to get recommended over and over, so I will certainly look into that (especially if employer can give me access). I plan on buying and reading the "Minor Emergencies" so as to at least reinforce the commonly seen "low acuity" complaints. I'm also gonna check out SEMPA and EM:RAP. Despite only having clinical rotations to go off of, I definitely get what you guys are saying about ruling out the worst case stuff before even considering the horses, which obviously affects the most effective learning
  7. To PA's who currently/used to work in emergency medicine, does anyone have a recommendation for a book or online course to help prepare new graduates for a job in emergency medicine? I recently became board certified, and have about 4-6 weeks until starting my job in the ED. I would like to be as prepared as possible... Thanks
  8. Am in the process of applying and interviewing for first job out of school, and am being offered a position in gen surg (goal was ER). To any PA's who work/have worked in surgery, particularly general surgery, what might a new graduate expect from a job in general surgery in terms of compensation, hours/call, expectations? If anyone went into surgery as a new grad, any resources to recommend? Also, what should I watch out for when the offer does come? I know it is important to discuss call, compensation for call, potential for salary raises with experience, etc. Also of note, I'd be the first
  9. I totally agree. I've decided at this point that I'm not willing to accept an offer that does not reflect the amount of training and responsibility we as PA's hold. Not to mention, the AAPA salary report has breakdowns by field and experience, and while I don't expect a 90th percentile salary in a low cost area, I'm not going to take an insulting wage well below the 10th percentile for new grads.
  10. Well, just got an offer at a UC location, 12 12's a month, physician present at location at all times. Anddddd they are offering "close to 40 dollars per hour". Meaning possibly less than that. Barely $80k for a busy urgent care setting? Based on AAPA reports/local averages, 90k-105k is much more reasonable.
  11. Thanks for the responses...might it be reasonable that emergency medicine is a more appropriate first step, unless the urgent care position always has a second provider?
  12. Hello folks, I'm currently a PA-S graduating in a few months. I'm posting in the general discussion since I wanted to get opinions from PA-C's, particularly w/ urgent care experience. I've applied for a number of EM jobs, and am in the process of applying to urgent care positions as well. I've decided work life balance is very important to me, and Urgent Care seems to fit the bill from what I've seen. My question is, do you guys think Urgent Care is an appropriate field for a new graduate? I will have had 2 rotations in EM by that point, and will not be solo at any of the UC loca
  13. I'll keep that in mind. I had looked under state specific discussion which was a little lean, but I will check the sub-forum.
  14. Thanks for the replies, you guys are confirming what I had thought. I have applied for about 10 jobs so far, and plan on applying to 5-10 more in the next week. I don't think I would accept less than $50/hr or $100k/yr, particularly in a busy ER environment.
  15. Hey everyone, it's my first time actually posting on this site, but I've found its many resources to be invaluable. I'm a second year PA student in Pennsylvania, and will be graduating in a few months. My interest is in the acute side of medicine: EM, urgent care, etc. I've seriously begun the interviewing process in the last few weeks, but am waiting to hear back on most of my applications. I realize similar questions have been asked before... My questions are: -How many jobs did you guys apply to as new grads (assuming you weren't offered a job on rotation)? -Assuming bene
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