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Migraine Treatments

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22 hours ago, azneurologyassociates said:

Do best practices for Migraines vary between the state or regions. Does natural physiotherapy works?

Having attended virtually every national and international scientific conference on headache for the past 30 years, I can say that there is a world-wide standard for best treatments. It can vary slightly between individual provider. I'm not sure what "natural physiotherapy" is, but there is limited evidence (not really placebo controlled) studies to support acupuncture as well as PT. One evidence based study ( only one ever) comparing chiropractic and a medication (amitriptyline) and it showed chiropractic as equal and some debate the merits of the study design. There is a lot of pseudo-"best treatments," because some providers rely on mythology for treating headaches rather than giving it the same scientific respect as COPD or cardiac diseases.

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