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Psych PA Billing Questions

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Hi all,

I am a new graduate working in an outpatient private psych practice.  I have been working for about 2 months now and I am the first PA in the practice. i'm not yet credentialed so I have just been doing training but I have some questions regarding billing for PA's in psych.  I've read that in some states PA's can bill for therapy, does anyone know if that is true? All the docs and the NP in my practice do meds + therapy so they have 30 minute follow ups.   If I can only bill for med management does that mean I will only be able to have 15min appts reimbursed?  I know this all may be specific to different states and insurances but if someone could share their experience billing for intakes/follow ups and how long you have for appts that would be very helpful! 

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I work Psych in FL.

Follow-ups are generally 99214 + 90833. Med management + therapy.

New patients are 99205 + 90836 Initial visit + therapy

Although, when I was in Virginia working in outpatient psych I only did med management. I worked 4 days, 10 hours.

They would schedule 40 appointments, all 99214s.  Interestingly, as a side note.. My no show rate was only about 7%.

  If you want to ask about $ send me a PM. I was able to bill on my own NPI in Virginia. In FL, the practice has the staff MD see each patient after my eval. They just pop in for 5 minutes but, that allows the practice to bill indecent to...



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I am a Psych PA in Montana and I have never had a clear answer to this question. Initially I was advised to bill both med management and therapy, but later I was told only to bill for med management. 

I'm not sure what the correct answer is to this question. If you have found any further information and are willing to share that would be greatly appreciated!

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