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  1. Have not been on here in a bit... I completed the University of Lynchburg DMSc program in May. I am curious to compare the programs. Maybe we could compare notes and post something for our community to utilize to compare the 2. What do you think?? -Scott
  2. Wow. This article is really eye opening.
  3. Congratulations Dr. E. I am starting the education concentration in January. I am excited about the start of the program and a little nervous about managing my time.
  4. I am planning on starting in January. Do you feel that you will complete the program in 12 months?
  5. PACShrink


    If you are a new grad, you will be shadowing for a while. You will probably be fine just applying and waiting until you get your license.
  6. Our practice has 1 MD and ARNP that do addiction medicine. It is in SW Florida
  7. PACShrink


    Books. I was able to convince them to allow me to buy a few textbooks. I did also wo to an addiction medicine conference in Nashville. I had already completed my 150 CME hours, somehow I forgot to mention that fact to them
  8. PACShrink


    This is a complete list of the 150 hours of CME I did for my CAQ. I hope it helps. BTW. I did not pay for any CME. There is plenty to be found for free. CME.pdf
  9. I have a few patients I manage meds for along with their therapy component. I do not have a great deal of experience with eating disorders. I wish you luck, I think it is rewarding and needed work.
  10. There are several screenings we use in Psych. They help to quantify the patient's symptoms. They can also be used for serial responses to track improvement. I have attached a few, I have WAY more. I suggest the PHQ-9 and the GAD-7 for depression/anxiety. They have good evidence to support them. Feel free to ask, anything you want to know. AMEN ADHD.pdf Beck Anxiety Inventory.pdf BED7 Scoring.docx BPQ Scoring.pdf CES-D Depression Screening Scoring.pdf GAD 7 Anxiety Scoring.pdf HAM - A Anxiety Scoring.pdf MDQ Mood Disorder Questionnaire Scoring.pdf PHQ 9 Depression Scoring.pdf PSSI-5-Manual.pdf
  11. This is a great point. The path to becoming a PA is not about competition. Those who are doing well, help your classmates that need help. Remember that being a PA is not just about 'you'. It is about the profession as a whole as well.
  12. Was there a question you had in mind??
  13. Just to add: Florida limits PAs prescribing to schedule III and up. Still, getting your DEA will make you more marketable and will help in your practice. DEA cost may be reimbursable by your employer... I second joining FAPA. I also suggest attending a conference when you are settled. Congratulations on your graduation !
  14. PACShrink

    New grad

    I hate to disagree with my colleagues but, there are jobs in SWFL. I think it is dependent on your specialty and setting. I can tell you with 100% confidence that there are (and probably will always be) plenty of jobs for Psychiatry PAs. It offers a great deal of autonomy and it can be very rewarding. The practice I work part time for is always hiring. They have multiple locations and contracts and they are opening new offices as the practice grows.
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