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  1. I read your post from a year ago. How is it going in Florida for you currently? I'm in psych up here in Orlando area. 

  2. PACShrink

    Psych PA Billing Questions

    I work Psych in FL. Follow-ups are generally 99214 + 90833. Med management + therapy. New patients are 99205 + 90836 Initial visit + therapy Although, when I was in Virginia working in outpatient psych I only did med management. I worked 4 days, 10 hours. They would schedule 40 appointments, all 99214s. Interestingly, as a side note.. My no show rate was only about 7%. If you want to ask about $ send me a PM. I was able to bill on my own NPI in Virginia. In FL, the practice has the staff MD see each patient after my eval. They just pop in for 5 minutes but, that allows the practice to bill indecent to...
  3. PACShrink

    Inpatient Psychiatry

    I work outpatient but, one of my co workers left and does inpatient. She sees 5-7 patients per day then has clinic in the afternoon. She loves it.
  4. PACShrink

    DHsc vs PhD

    This is a really stimulating discussion. I stumbled onto this while researching the DHSc at NOVA, Telehealth curriculum. I am taking the newly introduced Telehealth Concentration. http://healthsciences.nova.edu/healthsciences/dhs/telehealth_curriculum.html It is being offered starting January 2018. The first course is being taught by an Adjunct faculty member: Matthew Caines DHEd. So far the course has been opening my eyes to the future of telehealth and possibly the path to a DHSc. I have not compared the degree to any others. At 61 credit hours, currently $642 per credit hours + fees would total in at around $43,000. Some will argue that you can't put a price on education but, maybe they have never seen a tuition bill for a doctoral level degree program. If anyone has any questions about the telehealth curriculum, feel free to ask.TelehealthFlyer2017.pdfTelehealthFlyer2017.pdfTelehealthFlyer2017.pdf
  5. Read my previous posts (history). I posted on this topic a ways back. Currently I am working on a per patient basis. It is much better. At the end of the 2 week cycle they count the # of patients I saw. Pay arrives 1 week later. $90 for an eval and $45 for a follow up. They are still counting me as a W-2 employee, cover my malpractice (Occurrence policy).
  6. PACShrink

    Failing Didactic Year Advice Needed!

    Nothing personal against 'corpsman89' but, I suggest the exact opposite. I found a small study group of like minded classmates. We would challenge each other, share study guides, help each other when needed. I 'was' a loner but, quickly realized that I could not get through PA School alone. IMHO the biggest advantage of a study group is: when you are having difficulty with a concept, you could waste endless hours trying to find the answer in a book or online... A trusted classmate/study buddy can help explain it in just a few short minute. We were all on board with staying focused and keeping the group on track... Once I 'got over myself' and admitted that there were things I did not know, I got comfortable trusting my group. True.. Everybody is different. Keep working hard..
  7. PACShrink

    psychiatry help

    What state? Some states, the non-compete is not enforceable. 10 miles is not very far. You could open your private practice location one town over. If you do grow your practice, after some time, you may be able to open a second location, closer to home... Have you been inside the jail? I did a rotation in the city jail during school. It is an unusual environment. I am not sure I would 'like' working there, personally. I have been in outpatient psychiatry for almost 4 years. I love psych. I am so curious as to where you are looking for your practice.... Not too many of us in Psych :)
  8. You billed $900K? That sounds a little high... That may have been the charged amount. I think what you need to know is how much was the allowable amount. If you know how much collections were specifically on your patients, that might give you a better idea on expected income.
  9. As far as I have seen through my limited research, they can practice in Missouri, http://pr.mo.gov/assistantphysicians.asp and Utah https://le.utah.gov/~2017/bills/hbillint/HB0396.pdf This is the only page I could find for their 'organization'. Salary??? Tell me this job listing is not confusing.... https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Moonlight-Exams/jobs/Assistant-Physician-0778665a867174c8?q=Assistant+Physician+Assistant I can't find any other info on salary...
  10. PACShrink

    PS review/feedback

    Retired USN HM. I would be happy to take a peek and make some comments.. Send me a PM.
  11. PACShrink

    Controlled Substance Question

    Have you considered adding a CS contract to your practice? I use them and hold patients to their part of the agreement. They can refuse to sign but, will not be prescribed any controlled substances at that time. I scan the signed document into the EMR, notate that there is one on file and provide a copy to the patient once signed.. I have a sample one if you would like..
  12. At my last practice (outpatient Psych) I was getting 58% of collections as a W-2 employee. I paid my own malpractice and there were no benefits (other than the practice paying taxes). I was seeing a mix of new patients and follow-ups. Follow ups were Mostly 99213 and 99214. New patients were 99203 and 99204. I was seeing 100+ patients per week. The practice I am currently working at has me on salary for 6 months then per patient. This agreement is really interesting... The practice will count the number of patients I see and I get paid on the rate x #. $80 for New, $40 for follow ups. 30%. You have to consider several things WRT production. When you take time off = No pay, holiday = No pay, Practice closed due to weather = No pay. Training days/CME = No pay, Sick time = No pay. The other question is how good is the collections department? What % do they collect? Also, there is a lag from the time you see the patient and the time they collect... Will you be W-2 or 10-99? There is a 7% difference in tax benefit. Just my thoughts.... I hope that helps... On the bright side, Straight production can be great... I doubled my salary in year 2.
  13. PACShrink

    PS Ethics issue

    Why do you feel your essay will be 'sub par'? Write a true, from the heart honest personal statement. Trust yourself, if you are meant to get in, you shall.
  14. PACShrink

    PS Ethics issue

    This is a serious ethical violation. Thinking back to undergrad and PA school, I recall every class syllabus and university have a policy WRT submitting work in your name completed by someone else. That being said, does it happen YES. Should you worry, probably not. Will the school find out.... Probably not. Cheaters never prosper. This 'friend' will not go far in life. I really don't see how someone else writing a personal statement will benefit anyone. If the statement contains things that are not true, exaggerations, flat out lies... They will be discovered in time. My Two cents - Find a new friend.

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