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(A) 2k, 5days, and basically will cover anything related to CME including hotel, travel, etc

(B) 30 mins daily admin time + 1 hour lunch. Medicaid pays much less than private insurance and we don’t accept medicaid so may not be as feasible for your practice. Honestly for every 1 privately insured patient I’d have to see 2 medicaid to make the same in revenue for the practice. We get around 45, 70 and 90 for a 99213-215 for medicaid while we get on average 95, 130, 160 for private patients. Even if you are seeing 20+ a day, if they are mostly medicaid you might not be bringing in as much as you’d think. That being said, you should still all be compensated and treated fairly and better than you are now. 

(C) 15 mins for established patient, 30 for new patient, school/preop physicals, or more complicated things, 45 for annual physical

(D) probably not much leverage if he was willing to let a good PA walk. 

(E) never had to sign, not sure if its a red flag or not, but it would be to me. 

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