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I'm sure similar topics exist- but I wanted to dig for a little more detail. A Couple of quick questions for those who have been through this process:


1. What are the possible Phase II locations offered to those who complete Phase I?

2. How "do-able"/feasible is the curriculum? I've seen posts detailing how impossible it seems at times, or how low the attrition rate is. What (in your opinion) was the cause for so many to fail the class/semester? Is it the curriculum/work-load? Are the students not applying themselves? Have you noticed any trends in those that fail out?

3. What do you wish you knew prior to applying? Is there any topic you wished you brushed up on prior to entry? Do you recommend studying before first semester?

4. What was most helpful for you in terms of graduating? Do you have any tips or techniques to share?

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1. Click on Curriculum and it will list all the phase 2 sites

2. It is very do-able. You just have to put in the work. For the most part, those that didn't make it were ones that didn't put in the work. How difficult it all is really depends on you.

3. I wish I had purchased PANCE Prep Pearls and other PANCE prep materials at the start of Phase 1.  It would have helped tremendously to use those resources as supplemental study guides.

4. Just work hard and ask for help if you need it. 


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IPAP is fast paced and time consuming. Saying that it is very do able, if you put the time in and study. It isn’t easy, but it probably wont be the nightmare that everyone has lead you to believe.

Most people do not fail out of IPAP because they are not smart enough. If people do fail out, 90% of the time it is do to some outside issue- family, marital, health etc. It’s a big change, and it’s fast paced but way more people make it through then fail. The military didn’t waste their time and resources getting you there to have you fail out. 

IMO, don’t study before you come. Spend time with family, enjoy yourself, take a vacation. That time will disappear while your in the course. There are about a week and half breaks between semesters. Figure out how to study before you get here would be my advice. Reading something over and over a thousand times doesn’t count. Apply what you are learning in different methods to ensure you know the material before the test. If you must study anything prepare yourself for the first semester brush up on Anatomy. Honestly, spend time with family and relax, save it for when you start.

I haven’t graduated yet, but so far the best thing that has helped me was to use study groups. Working with others to understand and test each other before testing. 

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On 11/12/2017 at 0:01 PM, Navy_PA said:

If it helps, we just posted a list of acceptable pre-reqs for IPAP on our site at https://navypa.com/students

Here's a direct link to the document: https://navypa.com/images/documents/Navy-IPAP-PreReq-Evaluation-Guidelines.pdf

Is medical terminology a new requirement? It wasn't when I was selected (FY2011), although I had taken it and do recommend it.


To the OP, yes, it is very do-able, but it is challenging. I had a great time when I was living in San Antonio - it seemed like I was studying all the time, but I also had plenty of time to work out (more than I do now, and more than I did in Phase II). And I had plenty of time to spend with family - it wasn't uncommon for me to not crack a book at all on a Saturday.


I second the thought of not pre-studying - just enjoy yourself for now. RE: study groups, I know a lot of people who liked them, I personally thought they were a waste. I did better by myself, late at night with headphones on and a couple of beers. YMMV.

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