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Mercy College interview and acceptance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi eveyone,


Does anyone know if they take one from every three students intervieweed. If they take about 50 students a year. There were three interview dates on 11/18/2011, 01/20/2011, and 02/10/2012. My freind ah an intervie on 02/10/2012 afternoon and he siad there were about 21 students inteviewed. If we assume there were another 21 students interviews in the morning time same day. The, their will be BOUT 45 STUDENTS intervied. Thus, they picked almost 15-17 students. and if we assume the same thing fro the other two dates intrview. then teh sume will add up to around 50 students. that what they take a year. Does anyone know if they pick one out of teh three students inteviwed.



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