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CASPA unable to find Transcript

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I needed to have a completed application by July 15th for the UCD deadline. Absolutely everything was in on time/early, but one of my transcripts was not received according to the online check status tab. I began calling 2 weeks before the deadline and kept getting the same response: it takes 7-10 business days to process. That timeframe passed and still no transcript. An email was  supposed to be sent to the mail room to find it, but no response. Needless to say, although I payed the money for my application to be sent to UCD, they probably won't accept it (I emailed and asked them) because the application was not completed on time. Has anyone experienced this? Is there anything I can do, because it is a CASPA error?

I had all transcripts sent first class mail, I have tracking numbers that confirm delivery, and all my other transcripts were processed by CASPA in 5 days or less.

thank you!

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