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Do I have any chance at getting interviews this upcoming cycle?

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Hey guys,


So I am feeling pretty pessimistic about my chances of getting in this cycle but have been working my butt off to get PCE and shadowing hours. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in molecular and cellular biology from a pretty big university but my GPA is lackluster. My cumulative GPA looks to be around 3.25 and science is similar but may be about a 3.2. While my college grades started out poorly for a few personal reasons as well as my failed attempt to go into biochemical engineering, they improved later on.


HIGH SCHOOL (Dual credit though a university):

  • Intro to Psychology - A
  • General chemistry 1 - A
  • General chemistry 2 - A


  • Accelerated Chemistry 1 (for engineers) - C
  • Accelerated Chemistry Lab (for engineers) - C-
  • General chemistry 2 - C+
  • General chemistry 2 lab - B+
  • Evolutionary Biology - B


  • Organic chemistry - C+
  • Organic chemistry lab - A
  • Molecular basis for life - B
  • Biostatistics - B
  • Molecular genetics - B
  • Behavioral neuroscience - B+


  • Kinesiology class working with disabled students - A
  • Experimental techniques in molecular bio - B+
  • Cells tissues and development - B
  • Physics 1 - A
  • Experimental techniques in cell bio - A-
  • Anatomy and physiology W/ lab - B
  • Biochemistry (for majors only) - B-


  • Anatomy and physiology W/ lab 2 - B+
  • Undergraduate Neuro research - A
  • Experimental microbiology - B
  • Microbial physiology - B+
  • Memory & Amnesia - A
  • Medical terminology - A-
  • Microbiology - B+
  • Genetics & genomics - A
  • Human metabolic diseases - A-
  • Physics 2 - A

As you can see, I didn't ever have any horrible grades but had a hard time getting out of the B range.

Here are the things that I'm hoping get me an interview:

  • 161q and 155v on the GRE

  • 2,500 hours (full time midnight shift) as a phlebotomist on the hospital floor of a level 1 trauma center. Most responsibilities revolve around getting routine and STAT labs, responding to code strokes, and responding to any traumas that arrive in the ED.

  • 500 hours as a research assistant doing subject running and walking subjects through tests while running fMRI.

  • 200 hours volunteering with a PT at the disability center on campus to do hands-on stretching routines for students with cerebral palsy and assisting wheelchair athletes with weightlifting.

  • 500 hours as a personal assistant/home health aide for a man with cerebral palsy. Duties include bathing, giving medication, and applying/removing bandages.

  • 50 hours shadowing a PA in the ED of the hospital that I work at (I would like to bring this number up)

To conclude, how do you guys think I may fair if I decide to apply this cycle? I am leaning towards applying this cycle but feel better about my chances if I applied in the 2018 cycle and doubled my PCE, shadowing hours, and maybe took an EMT-B certification course.


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Go for it. Your GPA might keep you out of some places but you already know that. You're GRE score, in some way, compensates for the lower GPA because it shows that you can at least do well on a standardized test. At least, I think that's a decent score. Haven't looked at GRE #s in awhile.


You could spend a year or two doubling your hours, gaining a new cert, learning some new skill.........or you could apply this round and keep working on those things anyway. Be selective. Find good fits. It's not just a #s game. 

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