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Another insulting employment ad

Guest ral

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Me again. Of course, in my current relocation job search, I come across some doozies. Here is this morning's finding. I have already sent them a note. Will post the link below but, here is a cut and paste of the ad:


"Job Description:

Of all the Healthcare Professional specialties we offer, Physician Assistants are one of the specialties that have the most difference between staffing agencies in job / travel assignment locations and pay rates


Use our short "More Information" request form to get the information needed to choose your next great nursing opportunity.


*A MSN is required


Job Description:


Are you looking for a new employment opportunity? Would you like to spend the season somewhere you've never been? Hospitals & Clinics nationwide are looking for qualified Physician Assistants for their short & long term assignments. With the HCEN Network of staffing agencies, PAs like you receive competitive job offers from the nation's top healthcare employers every day!"


Link to actual page: https://healthcaretravelers.com/jobboard/display-job/183393/?utm_source=ZipRecruiter&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ZipRecruiter

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Lol yea see stuff like that all the time, often stuff switched from Physician ads, like 


"Requirements:  Board Certified/Board eligible"


But I love the downright crazy stuff, like "5 years Urgent Care experience required"....Urgent care hasn't even existed in parts of the country for more than three years. Just inexperienced/uninformed  recruiters thinking they understand the ins and outs of what medical training and experience really implies, and how much is really enough...

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