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Is CAPA website a joke?

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I always wanted to go to Colorado. recently saw an opportunity, the CAPA annual CME conference next Feb, wanting to register and use up my CME allowance.

The CAPA website was not very user friendly. I don't practice in Colorado, therefore would like to register as a non-member. Apparently you have to register through the website (no fax/mail registration options), but after I registered for the website I never got a confirmation e-mail so I was never able to log on to the website! 

I left message and e-mailed the website "contact us", never got any replies, I tried to call, but was directly transferred to voice mail. 

Seriously? This website is such a joke! 


I was tempted to just register as a member, maybe then it would be easier to register for the CME? But I am afraid it will be the same non-response, then I just lose my money entirely. 



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