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  1. I always wanted to go to Colorado. recently saw an opportunity, the CAPA annual CME conference next Feb, wanting to register and use up my CME allowance. The CAPA website was not very user friendly. I don't practice in Colorado, therefore would like to register as a non-member. Apparently you have to register through the website (no fax/mail registration options), but after I registered for the website I never got a confirmation e-mail so I was never able to log on to the website! I left message and e-mailed the website "contact us", never got any replies, I tried to call, but was directly
  2. I order it routinely to evaluate their CAD risk. Personally, because of my reservation with statin medication, I also use the result to decide how aggressive to treat their dyslipidemia. I also found that it's a great tool to help getting LSM message acrossed to pt. lots of people think that just because they are on some medication they don't need to diet and exercise. When you tell them about the plaques in their arteries, their reactions change
  3. julia_dodo


    I was recently approached by recruiters from concentra urgent care for possible prn jobs. My peers who work(ed) for concentra, can you give some feedbacks on the company? What should I know before I negotiate a contract? I currently work full time in a small private FP clinic. considering doing some urgent care job to get some supplemental salary. Thanks
  4. I recently found an interesting talk by a certain Dr. Pamela Wimble. Her idea is basically what you have mentioned, jmj11--if providers were the only people in the office we can reduce overhead drastically. If anyone is interested, check out her website. I don't know how things are going to turn out but it sounds like a good idea to me. much smaller population, more concentrated care, better quality care overall, AND less stressful. ACA is not going very well. more and more people are complaining and cannot find affordable insurance plan under the affordable care act--isn't that ironic? A lo
  5. TWR: where in Texas are you? do you have your own practice in Texas? I am young but I would like to start my own practice one day. I want to learn as much as possible from people who'd done it!
  6. This is exactly what's going on here. My SP feels the same way about the training program, stating it's not worth his time. So....do you do the procedure in your office?
  7. Hello everyone! I have a question. Can a PA perform a procedure if the SP doesn't know how to do it? I work in a private family practice. We do some birth control management but only OCPs right now. I recent went to a training session for Nexplanon on my own. My MD sees more older ppl, so he doesn't care about birth control and doesn't want to be bothered. But I see a lot younger women and think it's a good idea. He doesn't mind me doing the job, but I'm not sure if the law would allow me to perform the procedure since my MD doesn't know how. Is it still considered " within scope of practic
  8. Thanks for the feed back. I am in Texas. I went to a few legal document website but did not find any specific restrictions of the stuff I am concerns about. I would like to know if there are specific courses related to this issue. I do have a DEA and I have registered on DPS website, and I do check any suspicious pts. Our clinic also has a policy on chronic controlled substance meds, we do try to refer people to pain management, psychiatry whenever possible. My biggest confusion probably comes from other providers in my clinic. My NP co-worker would write prescriptions on a monthly bas
  9. I am a new family practice PA. We write a lot of xanax, norco, cough syrup and sleeping meds in our practice. I am always confused on what's the upper limits of each prescription a PA is allowed to write, especially benzos. I tried to find some guidelines but they are all very general. Can someone give me a good resource? I don't want to get into trouble Rx beyond limit. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I am seeking advise on my current situation. I made connection with a doctor A over a year ago as a student. He is in an desirable location, desirable specialty and expressed interest in hiring a PA. I reached out before graduation (last October), did an interview, and shook hands on the job. No contract or offer was made at the time. What happened after that was a little unnerving. I will spare the details. basically when the contract finally came in early January, I proposed some changes. After that he stopped responding to me despite my weekly follow up. Then a week ago I go
  11. Hi everyone: I took PANCE on 1/4/2014. Just found out I passed a couple days ago. This forum has been very helpful during my studying. I really appreciated those who shared experience and stats, I used them as my guide, and I think it worked well. And I am so happy to finally be able to pitch in my two cents as well. I mainly used ExamMaster and KaplanQbank. I also used the Vans Rhee book. Rushed through the Davis Diamond book in the last week. Glanced through the Lange book. ExamMaster avg 70%, Kaplan avg 67%. Final PANCE score 489 (pass score 350) We were eligible to take PANCE
  12. Hello everyone: I am a new grad, newly certified PA searching for jobs in Austin Texas. It has been a while since I looked, but the result has been frustrating. For one thing, there doesn't seem to be many jobs for PAs in Austin; and when there is, they always require experience. I have applied to everything I can find on TAPA, indeed.com, and jobs I found online, but so far hasn't even got any interviews. This is a big blow since we were told "there are plenty jobs" in school. I have heard Austin is not a very PA friendly town, but I know there are PAs here! If anyone here works in Austin,
  13. Can't speak for other states, but Texas medical board did a presentation in our school and this was one of the questions they addressed. My understanding from the lecture was that in it is acceptable to rx antibiotics and other non-scheduled drugs to your friends and family AS LONG AS YOU HAVE DOCUMENTATION. You may not charge them for your service, but you do have to keep a chart and treat them just as any of your paying patients. And of course you have to deal with the consequence.
  14. Hey guys: I have recently got a tentative job offer from an private orthopedic practice. has never had a PA before so neither of us know what a fair salary is. I looked at the AAPA salary report. but it is three years old. and it doesn't have an entry for Ortho PA experience less than 1yr. My understanding is that ortho pays more than average, but how much more? Any anecdotal information out there for the ongoing base salaries for new ortho PAs? Thanks very much!!! Julia
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