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Hey guys im a new grad in contract with a large staffing "provider of EM services" kinda like EMcare. Now In my contract where it discusses wages and compensation it states "compensation will be 45/hr base + Productivity compensation model". They state the average PA at the site that i will be working at average about $70-$85/hour after productivity is factored in.


**This place is very rural but there is always a PA/MD around (working) when i'll be working in case need for backup.



a) How do you guys feel about this offer.


b)With the given base rate it is conceivable for the hourly to jump to $70-85???


c) Can someone explain what productivity means in this capacity.


d) Are there any questions that you would want to ask your potential employers if you were in my shoes?



any help would be appreciated.

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I am on the exact same base system + production basically. Honestly productivity comes down to how good you are at billing correctly, pts per hour needed to reach the $70-80 per hour, and how fair your boss who is calculating the productivity is. Honestly the best way to get the low down and most truthful answer to these questions is talking with the current PAs at your job site. You can get the answer and general moral about the process really quick. I will say a jump of 20-30 dollars is pretty typical with production type pay so don't worry there. However what you might want to check in on is if they offer and "orientation" period where you can be on an hourly rate of maybe 60-65 for 3 months so you can get used to clinical work and seeing patients. that way you are not pressured to see a lot of pts right out of the gate. Overall I would say the offer sounds legitimate on paper just make sure in real life it is the same. Good luck!

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