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B.S. vs. M.S in PA

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Hello ppl,

First, Happy new year to all :=D:



Here is my situation,

I live in NYC (Queens county) and it's extremely important that I stay close to my family. So I am applying to CUNY York PA program for Fall. Though they offer B.S not M.S.


Now, I already have an M.S in Physiology & Biophysics from Stony Brook University.

In future, I would like to work in a clinical setting as a PA and would also like to teach in college to future PA students.


Now what's the disadvantages of getting B.S vs M.S?

Would already having an M.S cover those disadvantages?


Thank you.

You guys are great!

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It really does not matter as to the content of the programs all programs should prepare one to take care of patients. However, it is human nature to think that a higher degree = better. Which we all know folks that are highly educated but clueless at the same time......


Check with the program and see what their job placement rate is after graduation. Most job advertisements list that you need to graduate from a PA program and be certified and don't specify BS, MS etc.... Once you get that first job and show you can take care of patients, it shouldn't matter. But there is degree creep in Advanced Providers just ask the next "Dr. Nurse" Which is really Nurse PhD.

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