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Creating a new EM Fellowship/Residency

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Does anyone in this forum have any experience with actually *running* an EM PA Residency?  I would in a busy, inner city ED with robust residency programs.  My group and director is very interested in this concept of establishing an EM PA residency. 

Mainly to help recruit PAs who can function and work in our crazy environment.  We are not having much luck with new grads and finding older grads in such a tight, competitive market is also difficult.

How do you even go about setting one up?  Where do most groups come up with the stipend to pay the PA resident?  Does the PA resident do their own separate billing?  Just get thrown in with the EM interns/rotation?

Not even sure really where to begin.



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If you're going to be in San Diego for SEMPA, I'd strongly suggest attending the postgraduate section meeting; it's a great chance to network with several program directors.  I'm a program director for an EM residency; feel free to PM me and I can try and share some of my experiences getting our program up and running.

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