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Loans depending on income (FAFSA)

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the amount I get offered as a loan from FASFA depends on how much income I have or how much I worked in the past, is that correct? So the more income I have, the less loan amount I get offered for me to accept.


How will that help me during PA school where we all won't work, if FAFSA uses my income from the year before PA school?

I will truthfully have to enter my tax information etc and thats how they determine my loan. So I should expect less money to be offered for my first year of PA school, and more loans during my second year because I won't be working and my income will be 0 during my first year.


Sorry, does this make sense? Am I understanding the whole loan amount determination correctly?



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FAFSA doesn't decide how much loan you get.  They estimate how much you could financially contribute to the cost of school.


I had a good job before PA school and for my first year, I think I have only gotten about $1000 under the max amount each semester.  So I am eligible for loans for basically the entire amount of tuition and COL, etc.  And I go to a pricey program.  After not working this year, I should be eligible for all of my COA next year.


Even if you made $100k the year before school, they obviously know you aren't going to be able to PAY $100k towards school the next year because some of that money has gone towards your rent/mortgage/bills/expenses for THAT year.  They may, however, assume you have handled your money smartly and have a little bit saved up and able to contribute.


You'll be fine.  Don't lie, they double check with your tax returns, but there is a possibility you won't get 100% the first year.  You should probably be mostly eligible for loans, though.

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