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New Uro job questions

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Hey Uro PAs!


I am considering taking a job at a Urology clinic I did a rotation at.  They have never hired a PA but are interested and want to know what our scope of practice entails.  I was wondering if a urology PA would let me know what their levels of responsibility are.  I would be working in a clinic, surgery and rounding in the hospital.  Also, what is a good starting salary for a new grad PA in this field?  Thank you!

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So I used to be Jack of all trades shared with another pa. He has since left but he trailed the way I and we followed. 6 surgeon group, I'm the only PA. So now I am in the hospital doing rounds and consults. However, apparently when we get a bigger "midlevel" number, I'll go back to the or apparently. So what I used to do was clinic half days 3x week. Mostly check up and post op, some consults. Hospital was rounding on post op patients and consults new and old including er. Hands on = mostly catheter placements and issues. I answer every page to the service from the hospital. The on call doc gets the page as well though. In the or I used to do everything from same day stuff, like vasectomy and pediatric stuff to major surgeries nephrectomies and cystectomy. I am trained and privileged for robotics too. You really need to see what they need most help in and where you'll fit. Especially for uro that usually didn't have or work with PA. Most of them just remember lower level residents.. Who are you working with? Day to day functions? Expectations? There's a lot of questions to be hadhere. It may make sense to even make a pa code of conduct, basically how you'll be trained, utilized, and treated. I am fairly autonomous and kind of act like chief resident. I'm the gate keeper for the inpatient service. I do miss the OR. P.m. Me with specific questions or whatever. Urology can be a super gig

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Hello Cristen-


I've been working in Urology for over 10 years, predominantly in the clinic and performing hospital consults/inpatient rounds/ED consults.

The scope of my practice includes running my own clinic 5 days a week, hospital rounds before clinic for 2 hours, call 10+ weeknights per month and 1-2 weekends a month.

I perform prostate biopsies, some cystoscopies, difficult cath insertions in the office/OR/ED, urethral dilations in men/women, Testopel insertions, among other things.

Good starting salary for a new grad in URO would be around 85k.


Hope this helps!



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