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MPH vs MS Health Science

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Hello Everyone,

I was hoping to get some advice about my current situation. I just finished my 2nd year of applying to PA programs; I did get an interview at one but was rejected from all of them, most likely due to a non-competitive GPA.

 I decided to take a job working as a nuclear operator for the federal government and one of the perks is they will pay for me to get an online master’s degree. I was making $10/hr working at a local hospital and the nuclear operator job pays over 100k annually so I made the switch. I have been accepted to Idaho State University for their Masters in Public Health program but am hoping to find something I can complete faster. While looking online I found that Touro University Worldwide offers a MS in Health Sciences with a Public Health emphasis.

To break it down:

ISU is a 48 credit program that requires an internship and thesis.

Touro is a 36 credit program that requires a capstone project but no internship or thesis.


The internship is the biggest turn off because I currently work shift work and 48 hours a week. Finding time to do a 200 hour internship would be difficult.

Does anyone have any experience in either of these degree programs? Will one look better on CASPA over the other? In my mind an MS looks better than an MPH but I have no facts to base that off of.


Thanks in advance!

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